Monday, May 30, 2005

Lexington Adventures: Night Seven

Just an update from Lexington!

My friend Liz IMed me last night, wanting to hang out, so we called pretty much everyone we could think of, but there really wasn't anything going on. This kid was having a party at his apartment, but we aren't close with him and it seemed to just be a small thing so that was out. It turned out that Caitlin (most of you met her when she visited!) was at a bar with her new boyfriend, and since Liz and I both have ids, we decided that would be our best bet.

The bar we went to was The Blarney Stone, in Dorchester. Now, Dorchester is a not so nice area (and that's being generous- think bad parts of DC) of Boston, so I was pretty skeptical. There was no cover, but the drinks were WICKED (I'm trying to get it back into my vocabulary) expensive. It's funny how spoiled you get going to college bars all the time where paying more than $2.00 for a mixed drink is unthinkable. Boston is an expensive city overall, and the drink prices reflect it. I ordered a Vodka Sunrise.

You know in College Park, it costs $2.00, but at this bar in Dorchester, it was $5.00! Oh, well. The point is, that the bar was really nice (as Liz had promised), the dj played all good songs, and the atmosphere was fun. I thoroughly enjoyed spending the night there instead of at some sketchy-ass party.

WHEN you come visit, maybe we'll go :)


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